Israel H Cola currently runs the atelier 'Hybrid Identities in Civic Architecture' at Nottingham Trent University, and has been a regular visiting critic at the Architectural Association and University East London, amongst others.

In our design studio we encourage the exploration of the main cultural shifts that are rapidly transforming our urban environments (generating new hybrid urban identities): the blurring of public and private realms; the fast virtualisation of social interactions; the new mass migration phenomena; and the uncertain deterioration of the natural environment.


'Lost in Modernity'
Article on the 14ª Venice Architecture Biennale ‘Fundamentals’
Co-written with Vassiliki Tzanakou []

'May 2012'
Essay. 2nd round at ‘Moral Borders: Affordable Utopias’ International Competition
Concept: The London riots as a catalyst for urban regeneration