Co-looping’ blends the concepts of Cooperative & Commuting, establishing the basis for a new housing unit based on an ASSOCIATIVE STRUCTURE with a relatively small size and productive capacity from home.
The proposed units provide the 3 BASIC FUNCTIONS of a sustainable settlement:
- Living: private space adaptable to different family sizes
- Working: home office & storage in the private areas. Co-working & shared workshop in the common spaces
- Producing: SELF-SUFFICIENT units with potential for joint production to supply local markets. Shared areas
include barn, storage, tools, etc.
All units are based on a Generative Matrix which, while securing a fast and STANDARDISED PROCESS of design & construction, generates a rich variety of dwellings within 3 FAMILIES: Patio house, Narrow house and Tower house.
The versatile Design Matrix allows for a considerable number of Iterations, creating a Catalogue that can easily be combined to adapt the new settlements to diverse environments.