Micro COMMUNITY CENTRE 01: Hackney Downs. London, March 2019

Reactivating Vacant Buildings For Local Communities

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Many small facilities in London remain empty or under-occupied for long periods of time. Meanwhile many local communities are being weakened by lack of civic equipment.

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This Estate Office in Hackney has been vacant for several years. And there are many other examples of unoccupied or inoperative buildings in the area. Only in the borough of Hackney there are officially more than 50 empty non-residential properties, of which a big percentage has been unused for more than 6 months.

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This constitutes a huge waste of space stock that local communities cannot afford. A potent NETWORK which could be utilised to enhance community participation and engagement.

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We propose the REACTIVATION of this strategic network of small derelict assets to create: MICRO CIVIC CENTRES where local communities can meet, exchange and thrive together. OUR PROPOSAL: A new roof. A space reactivated. A new urban landscape in the neighbourhood. A collaborative and affordable intervention.


WHAT is the new Micro Community Centre offering?

_Meeting rooms

_Multi-functional space

_Workshops & classes

_Co-working units

_Community cafe


And others to be defined by the local community.

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Roof Plan Mosaic 6.JPG

The NEW ROOF will bring a new life to the derelict building. Made of RECYCLED PLASTIC WASTE. Will be designed and MADE BY THE LOCALS. A series of WORKSHOPS will be held at the site, where a number of locals will learn to make the new ROOF TILES from recycled plastic waste. A true COLLABORATIVE process where the community decides on the final image of the building.