KOEKIRJAD (KNITTED STORIES)  -  Governor’s Garden Monument in Tallinn

Our proposal explored the relationship between Time and Material systems: how can a monumental structure evolve alongside the environment it sits in?

We proposed a modular system with extremely simple components that can compose, through an array of designed operations, a very diverse series of spatial stories, poems and songs with which to reveal and convey all the complex layers of the nation’s identity.

The knitted structure arises from the floor creating intermeshed loops that surround visitors while weaving (filtering) the views of the site. They also provide shade, shelter or sitting surfaces for the visitors.

The use of different species of wood with distinct weathering properties, allows us to create different compositions that will age at different speeds, generating a rich array of colour tones and textures, and a spatial monument that is alive and changes across the seasons.

Competition November 2017

Collaborators: Alberto Puggina