Renovation and Extension of Home/Studio/Workshop for an Artist, part of a late Victorian barn in East London.

A truly collaborative and multidisciplinary project that allowed us to explore new ways of designing and building.

The integration between the new and the old parts of the studio, and the re-organisation of the spatial relationship between home and workshop, were the main goals that dictated the new spatial configuration: although still highly organic, it has made the life of both family and staff much more functional and enjoyable.

Every single detail -doors, furniture, railings, stairs, etc.- was carefully considered and crafted, being the team’s diverse expertise in design and fabrication a fundamental part of this innovative and exciting design process.

Construction: 2013-15 / Budget: Undisclosed

Design Concept: 
Conrad Shawcross + Richard John Andrews

Design Team: 
IHC Studio with Conrad Shawcross + Richard John Andrews

Structural Engineers: 
Structure Workshop Ltd

Mechanical Engineers: 
Lateral Design

Richard John Andrews Ltd + IHC Studio